AB6IX Welcomes Fans To Their Own Version Of “Hollywood” With Official Debut Announcement

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Welcome to Hollywood, fans of AB6IX!

Brand New Music has confirmed the official debut details of AB6IX – including a final set date for their first arrival as a group in the music industry!

Photo from Brand New Music

The boy group dramatically announced their debut through a special, pre-released performance music video of the song “Hollywood” on April 26. Flashing their official debut date as May 22 in the video, the five-member group finally ended the heightening suspense for their much-awaited absolute beginning together.

With such a powerful introduction of themselves, the group showed off their strong rap line, high caliber vocals, and sleek dance skills – making a mark enough to let everyone know the answer every time the group sings “who am I?” in “Hollywood”.

“Hollywood” is an original self-composition and self-production by the boy group, first performed on the stage of Produce 101 Season 2. It was an audition piece by former Wanna One members Park Woo Jin and Lee Daehwi and MXM duo Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun, who were all on the original lineup for the boy group tentatively named as BNM Boys.

However, the video was the first time that the fans have gotten to see the new member, former YG Treasure Box contestant Jeon Woong, joining the crew for a performance as a full group of the song. As expected, he blended perfectly with the four re-debuting idols thanks to their shared trait of well-roundedness in terms of talent.

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Brand New Music had been slowly teasing for the group’s debut in the past month by dropping teaser photos and videos of the five multi-talented members. They are also currently producing a reality show as another gift to the fans, who have been eagerly waiting for their debut.