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“UNIVERSE Music” will present another masterpiece with the help of popular boy group ASTRO.


Global fandom platform UNIVERSE is ready to drop another of its music releases. The star that will shine bright this time is the talented boy group ASTRO!


On August 23, UNIVERSE revealed the next artist that would bring life to a new single for “UNIVERSE Music”. ASTRO will be dropping its song “ALIVE” in September and plans to share a couple teasers prior to its release.

The platform already unveiled the countdown scheduler and cover image, drawing attention from global fans. The idols look stunning in their neat attire, raising curiosity about their song.

In addition, according to the schedule image, the boys will share their concept photo on August 24 and will later drop a special concept film called “Into The Void”. Thereafter, they will prepare two music video teasers to further hype fans with.

Through the platform, ASTRO has presented its unique sense of entertainment through UNIVERSE’s originals, like the variety shows SPACE FORCE A: SECRET GOLDEN BOWL, SSAP-DANCE and more.

UNIVERSE has also previously released various songs from its artists, solidifying its position as a global K-pop platform. The songs can be found and enjoyed on many online music portals, while the music videos are specially revealed on the mobile application itself.

ASTRO will be the 10th artist to add to the “UNIVERSE Music”, with the song “ALIVE” on September 2 at 6 PM KST. The full music video will be exclusively released on the UNIVERSE app.

PR & Image source: KLAP