ATEEZ Appear In Universe Hip Hop’s “Hanryang” MV Gaining Admiration From Industry Seniors

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ATEEZ make a guest appearance in Universe Hip Hop’s new music video for “Hanryang”, gaining immense compliments from senior artists!

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TalkTalk’s Korean Culture Ambassadors, ATEEZ, joined Kim Heechul, Min Kyunghoon, DinDin, and BIBI in the music video for “Hanryang”. The Universe Hip Hop unit, formed during the program Knowing Bros After School, delivered a traditional-inspired hip hop track. ATEEZ’s special appearance in the music video special attention as the young group has earned high praise from their industry seniors.


Before their appearance in the music video, Min Kyunghoon admitted, “I’m a total fan of ATEEZ” while watching their videos, summoning intrigue from Knowing Bros fans.

Meanwhile, during filming, ATEEZ impressed with their charismatic presence on set. Additionally, the group choreographed their scenes for the music video, drawing respect for their professional skills even with their short screen time. The boys also stunned with their quick understanding of the direction of the video director, Super Junior’s Shindong.

Subsequently, Shindong and Min Kyunghoon complimented the group, stating “ATEEZ was so good”, and that the music video “looks good thanks to our handsome brothers”. During a freestyle dance scene, members Yunho and San summoned excitement from staff, boasting spontaneous moves that matched the vibe and color of “Hanryang”.

Filmed at a Korean folk village, “Hanryang” celebrated Korean culture. Along with their senior artists, ATEEZ wore modern styles of traditional hanbok, similar to their “Inception” broadcast stages which critics applauded for bringing attention to Korean culture.

Meanwhile, fans can watch the full scenes of the music video’s filming and production on JTBC’s Knowing Bros YouTube channel.

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Image and Video Source: Stone Music Entertainment | JTBC