ATEEZ Records Their Fastest Music Video To Hit Ten Million Views With “Wonderland”

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The music video for “Wonderland” has hit a wonderful milestone just as fast as how ATEEZ made ATINYs’ hearts beat with its release!

ATEEZ has officially recorded a whopping total of ten million views for their latest comeback music video with “Wonderland” – and it serves as a new impressive feat for the boys!


On October 13, the octet’s latest comeback music video which headlined their first full-length album Treasure Ep. Fin: All to Action had successfully surpassed the ten-million view mark on YouTube via KQ Entertainment’s official channel.

Becoming the group’s fifth music video to achieve such, “Wonderland” was able to triumphantly attain this milestone within five days since it dropped on October 8. With this, it has officially become their fastest music video yet to collect such a huge amount of views after its release.

Previously, their debut music video “Pirate King” collected the same amount in approximately six months and twenty days, while “Say My Name” took sixteen days. Meanwhile, ATEEZ’ releases before “Wonderland” – “Wave” and “Illusion” – took thirty days for the former and four months for the latter, respectively.

Adding to the delight of ATINY, the group found out about the wonderful news while holding their fan signing in Sangam. Sharing the special moment together, fans – both those who were in attendance for the event and those who saw clips afterwards on social media – are cooing over the members’ priceless reactions, especially Wooyoung whose enthusiasm even caused him to flip his chair.

Relive the lethal and fiery music video for “Wonderland” by ATEEZ below:

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Source: KQ Entertainment