CIX Fixates Fans With Fierce Gazes In Teaser Photos For Nearing Debut With “Hello, Stranger”

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CIX showed they’re definitely no strangers when it comes to showing thir charms!

The K-Pop scene sets to make way for another rookie group coming to take 2019 by storm as CIX counts down closer to their debut!

Photo from C9 Entertainment

C9 Entertainment’s newest boy group continues to make the world look forward to their first “hello” to the music scene through their various teasers released ahead of their debut.

Flaunting their extremely amazing visuals, the group treated fans to one visual explosion after the other with their individual and group teaser photos.

Rapper BX, also known as Lee Byoung Gon from YG Treasure Box, led the release of individual photo teasers with his refreshing smile and visuals.

Afterward, his fellow former YG Treasure Box contestant and now-groupmate Seung Hun followed in greeting fans with his soft charms brightly displayed on his set of teaser photos.

The well-loved former Wanna One member Bae Jin Young then showed off his bae-bastic charms with a surprisingly more mature image for his concept photos.

Member Yong Hee went up next in saying “hi” to fans eagerly awaiting their debut with his strikingly fresh and gorgeous visuals ready to make everyone fall in love anytime.

Finally, Hyun Suk wrapped up the release of individual concept photos on July 12 midnight KST with his pure and bright aura radiating nicely in warm-toned settings.

On July 15, the boys of CIX made fans’ jaws drop in amazement as they banded together for a full, five-member group photo where they showcased their piercing gazes.

Photo from C9 Entertainment

The group is set to make their debut on July 23 with a mini-album titled Hello, Stranger. Earlier, they revealed the loaded lineup of professionals who contributed to their debut album’s production.

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Parading a star-studded roster, the credits include several names in the industry who have worked with huge groups like EXO, BTS, and NCT. To help the group suit up for their debut, C9 Entertainment has also taken choreographers from Just Jerk and various talented photographers and directors.