CRAVITY Bursts With Charms In Variety Show Appearance + To Showcase First “LieV” Broadcast on Naver V Live

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CRAVITY enthusiastically kicks-off debut promotion with left and right variety show guestings.

CRAVITY takes off into a blasting debut with idol variety show appearances including K-Bob Star and Naver V Live’s LieV.

Fans are thrilled and excited with CRAVITY’s smooth sail in variety shows as they get to discover the untold stories and never-before-seen charms.

K-Bob Star

Hosted by prominent Korean comediennes Kim Sook and Lee Young Ja, K-Bob Star is a new food-themed idol variety show. K-Bob Star features idols at a countryside farmhouse enjoying meals, playing games discussing music and more.


On April 21, CRAVITY appeared as the first guest of the show’s debut episode. Filling their appetite with special meals prepared by the hosts, CRAVITY enjoyed the food as well as the refreshing ambiance.

Captivating fans with refreshing visuals and cheerful charms, CRAVITY showed off an incredible appetite by showing a mukbang of 100 servings of cauldron-lid pork belly.

The group also performed their new song “Break all the Rules” behind a rice paddy field without hesitation. CRAVITY also performed MONSTA X’s “DRAMARAMA”. They winningly presented their passion and enthusiasm through a spectacular performance of their promotion track.

Labeled as Super Rookie of 2020, the members showed off extraordinary variety skills for winning the smiles of the viewers. Their fresh looks and adorable reactions garnered the attention of the fans and the show’s spectators.

MC Lee Young Ja X MC Kim Sook X CRAVITY

Meanwhile, Starship Entertainment recently released a photo of CRAVITY on K-Bob Star on its official social media channels. It shows the warm and friendly atmosphere between MC Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook as well as the boys.


In addition, CRAVITY expressed their feelings as they appeared on the show. “We were very nervous because we are the first guests of K-Bob Star. But because we are filming with such great seniors, we were able to have lots of fun filming the show. We sincerely thank Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook who took really good care of us.” CRAVITY revealed.

“We were busy preparing for the debut, and through this show we get recharged by eating a lot of delicious food in a place with good air.” The members asserted and continued “From now, we can show you better performance through various activities. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity”.


V Live’s Lie V

On April 28, CRAVITY will have their first-ever nupbang (lying down) live broadcast through Naver V Live’s Lie V. They will perform as well as communicate with global fans.

In addition, they will show and talk about behind-the-scenes of their activities plus exploring more of their hidden charms. They will communicate with fans in various ways and spend special moments together.

Since their debut last April 14, they have been making a big splash in the K-Pop scene. Through this, they will be able to talk about the backstories of their activities, the hidden charm of each members, and their debut album HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.


CRAVITY’s Fresh Feat

In particular, the debut showcase on Naver V Live surpassed 260 million hearts and 1 million viewers.

They also received high attention from music fans around the world with its debut album topping the Hanteo Chart’s weekly music chart with 53,000 initial sales.

Expectations and anticipation from fans are rising on what the calm and cozy CRAVITY X LieV will be like.

Meanwhile, CRAVITY will host CRAVITY X LieV through Naver’s V Live channel on April 28 at 11 PM KST.

PR Source: Starship Entertainment

Images Credit: Starship Entertainment

Video Credit: K-Bob Star