Davichi Impressively Tops Major Domestic Charts With Newest Single “Just Hug Me”

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Davichi proves that they are indeed one of the best pop duos out there as its latest track “Just Hug Me” reigns over leading local music charts!

Staying true to its decade-long legacy, South Korean duo Davichi unlocked a brand-new achievement with its first-ever music release this 2021.

Just recently, the girls made their return to the music scene with their single titled “Just Hug Me.” The song features both Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung’s heavenly vocal abilities and magnificent tone. 

Unveiled on April 12, Davichi quickly swept the No. 1 spot on Genie Music’s real-time chart. In addition, the track also rose over other domestic charts such as Bugs and Melon 24 Hits. 

Specifically, the beautiful and soothing song reached the peak of the said charts a day after at exactly 8 in the morning. 


Marking their first return this year with a great impact, Davichi caught the attention of fans and casual listeners around the world through “Just Hug Me.”

Disguised as a song about a relationship that has long ended, it creates a mellow atmosphere and a big hole to the heart through its heartfelt and relatable lyrics. 

Lines like I know we can’t go back to the beginning in just one moment/ But if you’re there, if we’re together, it doesn’t matter/ Just hug me” perfectly capture the emotions one feel after a painful breakup.

The sincerity was also captured given how both the melody and words reflect one’s thoughts about getting back together with his or her former lover.

Highlighting Haeri and Minkyung’s dedication for their craft, both artists participated in writing the lyrics for the track. Moreover, the song also showcases both of their spellbinding and dulcet vocal colors that complement one another.

Davichi, which literally translates to “shining over everything,” debuted in 2008 as a duo under Core Contents. They have been demonstrating their prowess by starring in OSTs for famous dramas such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Start-Up

Today, the duo is being managed by Stone Entertainment and has also been excelling in giving life to songs that heavily rely on the ballad and R&B genres.

Celebrate Davichi’s latest feat by watching the enthralling music video for “Just Hug Me” below:

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