DAWN Releases 1st EP With New Label

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South Korean artist, DAWN, releases his first EP, Narcissus, since joining the label AT AREA earlier this year.

A continuation of his last single “Dear My Light,” which Billboard referred to as his “most successful chart hit in Korea thus far,” Narcissus is executive produced by GroovyRoom who leads AT AREA, and co-executive produced by Gwaca.

Following the critique’s appraisal of his unique tone as a vocalist, DAWN broadens his musicality on this album by collaborating with artists such as pH-1, 10CM, GEMINI and more.

Including 8 tracks, with 2 in English, Narcissus carries a versatile range of styles from R&B/Ballad to Pop Dance tracks to further showcase his performances.

DAWN says of the release “Fate and Love is my self-reflection given form, manifested with my thoughts and feelings. I cherished this reality surpassing ideals. Defining love felt futile, as reality transcended the ideals at times. Parting from love means relinquishing a fragment of myself projected onto them. We’re not merely growing apart. I fell in love with me, and my version of you.”

DAWN’s passion and creativity shine through on every track on Narcissus, with the artist penning every song on the EP; including the both focus tracks “Heart” and “Star.” “Star” is a heartfelt, slow-tempo acoustic ballad that beautifully showcases DAWN’s unique voice. The song tells a poignant story of goodbyes and memories, as DAWN longs to become the night sky for his beloved star.

Co-written by LEEZ, who is known for his work with K-Pop artists like ATEEZ and Dreamcatcher, “Heart” is another standout focus track, featuring DAWN’s impressive dance performances in its accompanying music video, coming out soon. Narcissus also includes DAWN’s first ever English track releases, “Fallin,” a medium-tempo alternative pop song featuring Korean-American Rapper pH-1, and “Abyss,” a mesmerizing synth-pop track.

The physical EP includes a synopsis of different fragments of love that DAWN has experienced and imagined. Collaborating with film writers, each song is transformed into a different scene of a story. DAWN delivers these stories in multiple languages, combined with his own designed and painted artwork on the album, creating a visually stunning and cohesive experience.

The music videos for the two focus tracks narrate a captivating story of a man who loses himself in his own heart for his lover (“Heart”), and dives into his memories, embracing sorrow (“Star”). Both videos feature cinematic tones that highlight DAWN’s ability to carry a story as both protagonist and performer.

Narcissus marks DAWN’s first EP release since joining AT AREA, and it is a deeply personal and emotional journey.

Through this EP, DAWN explores the theme of love and its transformative power, as he embarks on a quest to discover himself through the profound emotion of love.

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