Day6 Gives Another Colorful Masterpiece With “Time Of Our Life” Comeback Music Video

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Day6 unfolded yet another masterpiece showing off their various musical colors as a band!

Day6 splashed color into our days with the bright, fun, and colorful music video for their comeback track “Time Of Our Life” revealed on July 15 at 6 PM KST!

Screengrab from JYP Entertainment

The band unveiled yet another amazing track as they made their much-awaited comeback with the mini-album The Book of Us: Gravity, headlined by the light and catchy track “Time Of Our Life”.

The song’s music video and sound is very reminiscient of anime, especially anime original soundtracks, and quite a number of fans have also pointed the resembling vibe out.

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It highlights a very pretty melody, which the band has proved to be an expert in delivering as seen in their entire discography. Though all of them are undoubtedly masters of their own instruments, Dowoon’s amazing skills as a drummer got to pique the attention of viewers and listeners in “Time Of Our Life” a lot.

As usual, the song has Day6’s personal touch as its lyrics were penned by Young K and was co-composed by Jae, Sungjin, Young K, and Wonpil, as well.

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Additionally, the video’s lights and colors complemented the song’s energy very well. The members’ zest while showing off their charms by being one with their elements added to the track’s very fun vibe, displaying how making music definitely gives Day6 the best time of their lives.

Watch the music video for Day6’s “Time Of Our Life” below: