Day6 Unfolds Stunning Group And Individual Teaser Photos For “The Book Of Us: Gravity” Comeback

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Day6 continues to make My Days look forward to the next chapter coming up ahead from them soon!

Day6 further counts down to their nearing comeback with new sets of teaser photos!

Photo from JYP Entertainment

The band is indeed ready to make their return to the music scene as they add more photos for fans to browse while waiting for their new mini-album’s release on July 15.

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Titled The Book of Us: Gravity, the upcoming release marks their fifth mini-album and first comeback for 2019. The group further amplified the excitement for it by revealing two sets of photos for each member.

Leader Sungjin started the visual parade on July 6 with his solo teaser photos where he sported a serious look and seemed deep in thought.

Jae went up next in making fans clutch their hearts with his breathtaking photos – and though his reflection is a blur, My Days are crystal clear about their love for him!

Meanwhile, master lyricist Young K slayed everyone with his side profile which featured his jawline that My Days continue to swoon for on his set of solo teaser photos.

Wonpil followed through with photos showcasing a visual explosion – and his intense stare complemented by that amazing pink outfit was way too much for fans to handle.

Drummer Dowoon wrapped up the release of individual photos on July 10 in style with his attention-grabbing charms and beautiful eyes.

Finally, they shared their group photos on July 11 where they matched fans’ growing anticipation for their comeback with their intense stares and charisma.


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