GOT7 Reveals Reason Behind Releasing “Lullaby” In Four Languages

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GOT7 is finally back with a present and sweet lullaby!

South Korean boy group GOT7 makes its highly anticipated return with its third album, Present: YOU, on September 17.

Along with the release of the album, the boy group also unveiled the music video of its title track, “Lullaby”, a rhythmical urban deep house track which sings about the sweet feeling of love in its lyrics.

Aside from the Korean version of the title track, the album will also feature Chinese, English, and Spanish versions of “Lullaby”.

In a press conference held in Seoul on September 17, JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom talked about their new album, solo tracks, growth, as well as, the reason behind the decision to come out with four versions of the title track in different languages.


The boy group during press conference in Seoul on September 17 (Photo retrieved from Sports Korea)

Jinyoung explained that the Chinese, Spanish, English, and Korean versions of “Lullaby” were made to serve as another avenue for the boy group to communicate with fans.

“After meeting our fans all over the world through our world tour, we have been wondering how we could communicate with them more directly, and we thought singing in their own language will do it,” he said.


Jinyoung during the press conference in Seoul on September 17 (Photo retrieved from MK Sports)

GOT7 wrapped up its Eyes On You world tour last August through a concert in Hong Kong. Through the world tour, the boy group visited a total of 17 cities across, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

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