Koo Junhoe Goes Solo After 9 Years! Debuts with Mini-Album in July

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Buckle up because Koo Junhoe is about to unleash his solo power!

That’s right, after 9 years of captivating audiences as part of iKON, Koo Junhoe is finally striking out on his own with a debut solo mini-album dropping on July 3rd.

This marks a monumental moment for Junhoe, as it’s his first-ever solo project. Get ready to experience a whole new side of his artistic talent!

We all know and love Junhoe for his incredible vocals – that rich, husky voice that’s a signature element of iKON’s sound. But this multi-talented artist has much more to offer.

He’s showcased his acting chops in dramas like Twinkling Watermelon and True To Love proving he’s a true entertainer. Plus, he’s no stranger to songwriting, having contributed to iKON hits like “Rhythm Ta” and “Love Me.” This solo venture allows him to explore his musical creativity across different genres fully.

The excitement is palpable as Junhoe becomes the last iKON member to embark on a solo journey. Fans are eagerly anticipating what unique musical flavors he’ll bring to the table. To further fuel the anticipation, Junhoe plans to unleash a series of teasers in the coming days. So, stay tuned, iKONICs, and get ready to be surprised!

Mark your calendars for July 3rd at 6 PM KST because that’s when Koo Junhoe’s solo mini-album hits various online music platforms. This is a solo debut you definitely don’t want to miss!