DAVICHI’s Lee Hae Ri Returns With New Album “from h”

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Lee Hae Ri of pop duo Davichi kicks off her 2020 activities with a brand new music

Announced on January 14 across Davichi’s social media channels, the new album – from h, comes two years after her first extended play – h. The singer’s individual individual colors and music range are expected to decorate her new project.

The released album teaser show an implied picture of the vocalist holding a sealed letter engraved with letter “h”. The brown-toned background adds a warm and emotional atmosphere, raising expectations for the new album.

from h recital

On January 16, an exclusive recital featuring Lee’s new tracks was also announced. The listening session will be held in Gangnam, Seoul on January 28.

Various repertoires are being prepared to satisfy the fans of Lee Hae Ri, who have long been waiting for her new music.

Notably, the event is expected to be a special time for her supporters to get an exclusive preview of the latest album. Lee Hae Ri will listen to all the tracks in the album with her fans.

She will introduce each song and share behind-the-scenes stories. It is a guaranteed unforgettable memory with her fans.

from H

Information on how to apply for a hearing can be found at the official Davichi Fan Cafe.

Lee’s newest album, from h, is scheduled to be released on January 29. Her last projects were “Maybe”, an OST from drama Her Private Life and “Heartache”.

Watch Lee Hae Ri’s “Maybe” and “Heartache” music videos below.

Source: iMBC

Image Credit: Stone Music Entertainment