EXID’s Hyelin Personally Confirms Her Departure From Agency Banana Culture Entertainment

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EXID’s Hyelin personally shared to her fans that she has indeed parted ways with her agency Banana Culture Entertainment.

Following reports of her contract termination with the agency, EXID’s Hyelin personally addressed and confirmed the news to her fans on January 16 through her official personal Twitter account.

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The EXID lead vocalist recently wrote to her fans online to verify the news of her exclusive contract with EXID’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment coming to an end and her decision to go on different paths, which was released earlier on January 15.

Along with a selfie, the singer shared the following through her post’s caption:

“Hello, this is EXID’s Hyelin.

I’m sure some of you had seen this through the recent news, but I’m also writing this because I think I need to confirm my position.

I renewed my contract with Banana Culture last year, but after discussing and reaching an agreement with them, we have decided to terminate it instead.

Going forward, I will continue to meet with our fans through various activities.”

According to reports, Hyelin is currently looking at new agencies after terminating her contract.

Earlier in May 2019, members Hani and Jeonghwa already parted ways with the agency as their own contracts reached its end. However, Banana Culture Entertainment assured fans that EXID is not disbanding and will find ways to promote together in the future as well.

Meanwhile, Solji and LE, who also renewed their contracts with Hyelin back in May 2019, are reported to be currently in discussion with the agency regarding their future plans.

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Source: Xsportsnews | Hyelin’s Official Twitter Account

Photo from Banana Culture Entertainment