MONSTA X Achieves First Music Video To Surpass 100 Million Views With “Hero”

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Monbebe expressed their gratitude to their seven heroes as they teamed up to give MONSTA X another milestone!

MONSTA X has officially recorded their first music video to surpass the 100 million mark as Monbebe banded together to thank them with a special gift on March 3!

monsta x hero

The month of March kicked off with great delight for the boy group as they achieve the 100 million view milestone for the very first time with the high-spirited music video for their track “Hero”.

Released in October 2015, “Hero” headlined the septet’s second mini-album Rush.

Its music video which showcased the energetic choreography performed by Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M had officially recorded 100 million views in the morning of March 3.

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This recent feat achieved by Monbebe came with two huge motivations. The first one is to thank MONSTA X for being their heroes and inspiration, especially with the recent news of their 100 million private donation to aid those affected by Coronavirus which was belatedly confirmed by their agency on March 2.

In addition to that, they were also motivated to present this milestone as an additional post-birthday gift to Wonho, who celebrated his birthday last March 1.

In fact, among the elements of the music video which fans had been impressed about in addition to its showcase of the song’s strong choreography was its filming location at a rooftop – despite the singer having a fear of heights.

monsta x hero

Topping Seven Billboard Charts Recently

Recently, MONSTA X also released their first-ever full-length English album titled All About Luv. Marking another huge success for the group, the album was able to top iTunes charts in various countries worldwide.

It also ranked impressively on the Top 10 of seven Billboard charts on its first week.

Relive the exciting music video of “Hero” by MONSTA X below:

Video from Starship Entertainment