MONSTA X’s Kihyun Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Vlog On His Latest Song Cover Of Tom Grennan’s “Little Bit Of Love”

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The vocal king takes MONBEBE behind the scenes on how his magnificent song cover was created!

MONSTA X’s Kihyun reveals the process of how his latest song cover “Little Bit Of Love” came to life through a behind-the-scenes vlog. He mentioned how he had always stayed inside a studio to record his covers. And this was the first time he will have his video created outdoors.

The group’s main vocalist took fans on a small trip by the sea as he shares how he seriously planned his next cover. Kihyun fights the strong wind while wearing a plain white polo shirt that further highlighted his simple beauty. Although having problems with the weather, the powerful singer was unbothered and continued displaying his coolness.

MONSTA X Kihyun Little Bit Of Love Behind The Scenes Vlog

Kihyun settles himself with a mic stand, with the roaring waves behind him which emit a raw yet emotional feeling. And as always, Kihyun’s vlog will not be a vlog, itself, without him doing cute gestures.

MONSTA X Kihyun Little Bit Of Love Behind The Scenes Vlog

As he tries to continue with the recording, several issues were encountered such as hitting the right timing. Because the song has no introduction, it was hard to get the right timing to sing the first note. However, this is Yoo Kihyun that we are talking about and everything just happens wonderfully no matter what.

In addition, because Kihyun is recording live on the beach, the sound of the waves was too loud that he can’t hear his own voice well. Although worrying that his voice may sound hoarse, he hopes that the video will come out well and fans will like it, nonetheless.

Further in the video, Kihyun successfully completes the recording after a few mishaps. The resident hamster shark continues to display his professional side while the waves and wind fall in harmony with his serene voice. It was also seen how the waves fiercely go close to the rocks, which made Kihyun flinch a few times.

By the end of the vlog, Kihyun briefly explained his outfit. He intended to portray a Britpop style with his plain white shirt and black pants that provide a brighter and friendlier aura.

Moreover, the full version of the ending fairy was also revealed. As always, Kihyun’s visuals was nothing short of perfection. Kihyun naturally presents a pristine look that is as wide as the sea behind him. And it was more than enough for MONBEBE to give the talented singer the love that he always deserves.

Watch Kihyun’s song cover for Tom Grennan’s “Little Bit Of Love” here.

Image and Video Source: Starship Entertainment

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