MONSTA X Unveils A Mystifying And Magnetic “FANTASIA X” Film

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MONSTA X fascinates and piques even more interest with their fantastic “FANTASIA X” film!

MONSTA X revealed a fiery and fabulous “FANTASIA X” film on their official SNS. The film officially sets the ball rolling leading to the release of their highly anticipated third full length album FATAL LOVE.

 The film has several callbacks to the group’s previous chart topping releases. Right off the bat, the opening scene wherein the members are standing in the rain with umbrellas resembles a scene from one of the group’s biggest hits. 

Particularly, the shot resembles an instance from MONSTA X’s “DRAMARAMA”. Specifically the moment wherein member Hyungwon stands in the rain looking at his watch. Furthermore, it follows the same pattern of narration as seen in their intriguing music film of their track “Destroyer” from the album The Connect. 

Just like the aforementioned music film, this “FANTASIA X” film is divided into three parts. The first half is “A Story: Fantasia” which sees members Jooheon, Shownu, and Hyungwon appear in fragmented stills. In “Another Story: X” Changkyun, Kihyun, and Minhyuk try to decipher the story together.

Finally, in ”Our Story: Fantasia X”, Minhyuk turns back time in a sense. This leads him back to standing in the majestic “FANTASIA” set wherein he reunites with all the members. 

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Moreover, fueling curiosities and firing up excitements were especially the stills from leader Shownu’s teaser film from the group’s previous comeback titled, “GASOLINE”. The high octane electro pop beat has only roused anticipations if the track would be a part of the upcoming album. 

Furthermore, MONSTA X will be releasing the upcoming album’s track list on October 20. Four versions of concept photos will later be unveiled from October 22 to October 27. On October 29, MONSTA X will reveal an action-packed music video teaser. They will then release an album preview on November 1.


Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2.

Source: Starship Entertainment