NU’EST Members Share Secret Behind Their Strong Bond In Elle Korea’s May Issue

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It took three long years before NU’EST returned on stage — complete and ready to take over the K-Pop world with new music.

The long wait is almost over for LOVEs who patiently anticipated the comeback of NU’EST after three years since the boy group released Canvas. It follows the end of the two-year hiatus of Min Hyun and the promotional activities of NU’EST W.

Ahead of their comeback on April 29, JR, Aron, Baekho, Min Hyun, and Ren posed for photographs for Elle Korea‘s May issue — their first full group magazine spread after announcing their return. It was a fun-filled photo shoot, with the members comfortably interacting in front of the camera. Despite the hectic schedule they juggled during that period, with the members preparing for their first solo concert in South Korea, they gave off refreshing and playful vibes.

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A Precious Brotherhood filled with Gratitude for Each Other

In the accompanying interview, the members of NU’EST warmed the hearts with responses that boasted their bond made stronger by seven years of promoting together. Ren described the existence of his members as “precious”. Meanwhile, Baekho felt the stability of their completeness. On the other hand, Min Hyun expressed nervousness, and, at the same time, confidence. “I’m nervous, but I’m ready for everything,” he declared.

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With everything they have been through, it is easy to understand the bond they have. And for leader JR, the secret behind their teamwork was appreciation — not taking their relationship for granted and consciously reminding themselves the gratitude they have for each other.

As they get ready to take the stage with a new album Happily Ever After, Aron relayed his wish for people to see them as a group made great by their unity. “I hope, when people see our stages, they will think NU’EST looks great because we are all together,” he said.

Soon, JR, Aron, Baekho, Min Hyun, and Ren will take the stage with their new music and a completely different situation as they had when they promoted “Love Paint”. Their fandom has considerably grown in three years. The anticipation for their return is immense. And along with the excitement, expectations also lurk and the pressure grows stronger.

Still, the members of NU’EST have prepared themselves for this. With their recent Segno concerts as proof, they don’t intend to hold back in giving LOVEs a comeback worthy of their wait. Now, the countdown continues for Happily Ever After with the boys’ dreamy individual teasers.

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