PENTAGON Charms In Refreshing And Webtoon-Inspired Teasers For “LOVE or TAKE” Comeback

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PENTAGON surely got all UNIVERSEs hearts racing as they unveil the highly-anticipated teaser images for their 11th mini album LOVE or TAKE!

Versatile boy group PENTAGON took the online world once again by storm by releasing a new set of previews for their nearing comeback with LOVE or TAKE.


On February 24, Cube Entertainment announced the group’s return to the music scene through a lively and bright teaser poster uploaded via PENTAGON’s SNS channels.

Characterized by various pastel-colored shapes, the intriguing teaser shows the title of the boy group’s upcoming EP.

Piquing spectators’ interest, the poster also seemingly hints a dreamy and lovely concept from the multitalented group.


Scheduled to return after five months, PENTAGON further caught spectators’ attention with their spellbinding concept photos released on March 2 to March 3.


Starring in vibrant and warm settings, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeoone, Yanan, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok portrayed an alluring and cool image while giving a glimpse on the overall feel of their comeback.

Moreover, the teasers made many heads turn as the boys unleash a fresh and enthralling side that is different from what they had presented before.

The group’s distinct and attractive hairstyles and top-tier styling also fit the “straight from webtoon” theme they want to exhibit.

Parading their enticing appeals, PENTAGON also displayed their manly auras, while sporting beaming smiles coupled with sweet and endearing gazes.

The members’ detailed and mesmerizing facial expressions and intense charismas also scream pure sophistication and confidence.

Moreover, PENTAGON also impressed the audience with their finest and gleaming looks, while posing in various elegant and relaxed manners.

While donning retro-inspired and sporty outfits, the idols also delivered a high-level of versatility as they let their bodies form entrancing gestures while letting their resplendence shine in the photos.

The webtoon teasers that exhibit their real-life chemistry also made many heads turn as it demonstrates PENTAGON’s creativity and artistry. These teasers immediately stirred up online conversations as PENTAGON delivered something fresh and something that is unexplored once again into the world of K-Pop.



Prior to releasing the teaser images, PENTAGON has already unveiled a comeback scheduler and a track list for their upcoming comeback.

From the looks of it, fans can definitely look forward to more image previews, music video teasers and more coming in the following days.

Two concept trailers and an audio snippet will also be gracing UNIVERSEs timelines, giving them a sneak peek of the sound PENTAGON will go for in this comeback.

Moreover, the group’s 11th EP will also include 7 splendid tracks, including their title track “Do or Not.” Highlighting their top-tier producing skills, Hui, Wooseok and Kino also participated in producing some of the album’s tracks.

Along with these releases, Cube Entertainment has also recently unveiled the details for LOVE or TAKE. The album specifically has 3 versions namely Romantic, Sporty and Mild, which corresponds to the variety of image PENTAGON will show in this comeback.

Moreover, the album will also include gorgeous photo books, photocards and posters, making fans even more stoked and excited.

Meanwhile, PENTAGON will release their 11th mini album LOVE or TAKE on March 15 at 6 pm KST.

Source: PENTAGON’s Official Twitter Account

Photos from Cube Entertainment