SHINee’s Key Gifts SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi With Signed Album; Hoshi’s Reactions When He Met His Idol Are Priceless

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Fan goals!

SEVENTEEN performance leader Hoshi received an early Christmas gift from his idol SHINEE‘s Key during the mini fan meeting segment of MNET’s M Countdown.

The self-proclaimed Shawol once again showcased his endearing love for SHINEE. When asked by Key what “big happenings” meant to him, Hoshi responded that it is being together with SHINEE, whom he respects a lot. He also told Key that he watches their concert too.

The SHINee member responded positively to his junior’s admiration, and gifted him with a signed ‘1 of 1’ album with Hoshi’s name largely written on it. Hoshi accepted the gift with a big smile on his lips.

Fans have also acknowledged that the SEVENTEEN member is “an epitome of a successful fanboy”. They also commented on Hoshi’s adorable reaction towards Key’s gesture. A fan even commented if the mini fan meeting was for Carats or Hoshi.

But the mini fan meeting was not the end of Hoshi’s display of his inner Shawol-ness.

Fans also took notice of Hoshi’s running towards Key during SEVENTEEN’s encore stage. He hugged Key and jumped around him, sharing excitement with his idol.

Hoshi has been vocal of his fondness of SHINee, who, according to him, inspired him to his dream of becoming a singer.

SEVENTEEN recently grabbed its first win for Boom Boom in MNET’s M Countdown. The group’s third mini album is performing well on charts, ranking first in Gaon weekly album chart, and third in Billboard’s World Album chart.

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