Stray Kids Rises To The “Top” With Latest Track Video Reveal For “GO LIVE”

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Stray Kids topped all expectations in the latest track unveil from their highly-anticipated comeback album GO LIVE.

Stray Kids revealed the full Korean version of their highly-acclaimed track “TOP” which was also accompanied by a power-packed music video.

Released on June 10 at midnight KST, the music video showed the members looking edgy in their punk rock styles. Stray Kids also exuded fierceness with their enrapturing rap verses and mellifluous vocals.

The music video shared the same fiery aesthetics as the “TOP” Japanese music video. However, the group thrilled with their high-powered performance through their captivating choreography in the video this time around.

Previously released as a single, the chart-topping number “TOP” is available in both Japanese and English versions. Also available in an instrumental version, the track has headline the anime series Tower Of God as a soundtrack.

Containing a riveting melody, “TOP” boasted of a cinematic composition of strings, electric guitar and synths. The hard-hitting verse packed a punch with its impactful lyrics that talk about being ambitious about your passions and never giving up till you reach your goals.

Stray Kids

As usual, Stray Kids’ production team 3RACHA, which consists of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, wrote, composed and arranged this high octane track.

While “TOP” served the opening track for the anime Tower Of God, the other b-side track “SLUMP” featured as its ending theme song. Both tracks will be heard by fans once again as part of the group’s comeback album GO LIVE.

GO LIVE is set to be released on June 17 and will be available on various music streaming sites.

Source: Stray Kids Twitter

Images Credit To: JYP Entertainment

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