TWICE’s Nayeon Captivates In Fun Music Video Teaser For Title Track “POP!”

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With a few hours left until her upcoming solo debut, TWICE’s Nayeon makes a charming transformation in the second music video for her debut track “POP!”

TWICE’s Nayeon is definitely ready to conquer the K-Pop scene with her upcoming debut album IM NAYEON and its lead single “POP!”. The idol has already managed to raise ONCE’s anticipation and excitement by releasing various eye-catching teasers and content.

Over the past few days, JYP Entertainment shared vibrant and classy concept photos from Nayeon’s first album as a soloist. Accompanying such promotional materials, the agency also unveiled an album preview, tracklist, an opening trailer, a promotion timetable, two snippets, and live covers, among others.

In the images released, Nayeon looked young and charismatic as ever. Her visuals are at their peak and she seemed more mature and confident with the concept of her debut single.


While donning girly and fashionable clothing items, the idol was able to display her overflowing charms and impressive projecting skills. Looking at the photos alone indicates that Nayeon really gave her all to her solo debut.

With her chic aura and lovely gaze, Nayeon definitely captured ONCEs’ hearts in an instant.


Last on Nayeon’s list of teasers are the music video trailers for her title track “POP!”. Right off the bat, the song gives off a fresh and retro-themed concept from the talented idol. It immediately catches attention given its energetic beats and catchy rhythm.

Released on June 21, the first sneak peek begins with Nayeon happily dancing to the beat, amidst a colorful restaurant-themed backdrop. She also has her brightest smile on as she drinks a pink milkshake that perfectly matches the concept she wants to showcase.

The frame then shifts to the scene where the artist is dancing in the middle of a huge swimming pool, where all of the dancers are located. There’s also a scene where Nayeon is walking happily in front of a cool and huge house while donning a pretty pink ensemble.

The first MV teaser ends with the idol posing flawlessly with her whole body on the ground while wearing a lovely and gleaming black romper.

In the other clip, fans can now see a bit of the choreography of the song, which also seems to be the point dance. More clips of Nayeon cutely posing in front of the camera with bubbly facial expressions are shown, along with many other outfits highlighting her incredible charisma.

TWICE’s Nayeon will release her first mini-album IM NAYEON and its lead single POP! on June 24 at 1 PM KST.

Source: TWICE’s Twitter

Image Source: JYP Entertainment