Various Fans Express Anger Towards SBS For Dangerous Stage At Gayo Daejeon Through #ReleaseApologySBSGayo

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SBS is currently under fire for the dangerous stage that they made various K-Pop artists stand on during the 2019 Gayo Daejeon.

Following the broadcast of the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 25, the broadcast network had received the anger of the K-Pop community due to its shaky and slippery stage which led to almost-accidents for various groups and the severe injuries that Red Velvet’s Wendy unfortunately obtained.

201o sbs gayo daejeon

Prior to the program’s live broadcast, it was announced that the Red Velvet member has been rushed to the hospital due to the injuries she sustained on her face along with fractures in her pelvis and wrist on the right side of her body after an unfortunate accident happened during the rehearsals.

Following this, fans immediately took to social media with the hashtag #ReleaseApologySBSGayo to express their utter disappointment towards SBS especially after finding out that the incident was caused by the dangerous stage arrangement that the program had.

Although the network apologized afterwards for Red Velvet being unable to appear live for the broadcast, the Internet community kept on voicing out their anger further, pointing out that SBS failed to acknowledge and apologize for their negligence which caused the incident.

Additionally, fans demanded that they direct their apologies to Wendy and the rest of Red Velvet instead, as the official statement that the network released only expressed their regrets towards the group’s fans and the program’s viewers.

With the group just recently making their comeback last December 23 with The ReVe Festival: Finale, Wendy’s accident will most definitely affect their schedules and performances for their promotions.

Other Victims

Moreover, Wendy was not the only idol to experience the riskiness of the stage, and although none obtained injuries as severe as hers, it was obvious during the broadcast that a lot of them had fell and almost slipped while performing due to the shaky and slippery stage.

Although the artists that they follow were not badly injured like Wendy, many fandoms joined Reveluvs in calling out the network for their poor handling of the event.

Further angering fans, those at the venue shared that even some of the artists themselves had voiced out their worries about the stage’s condition during the pre-recording session of the show.

Many noted that by making the artists stand on such an unsafe stage and not even ensuring that it met the standards for performances before everything, SBS had put so many lives at risk, which is something that they must take responsibility for, especially since there were human beings who got hurt because of it.

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