VICTON Lands As First Guests On Arirang TV’s New Channel “ROLLING” For International Fans

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VICTON will be launching the brand new channel from Arirang TV which will cater to K-Pop fans all around the world!

VICTON is getting the honour of opening the newest channel by Arirang TV made for international K-Pop fans!


Arirang TV is bringing out a new multinational K-POP original contents channel which will differentiate itself from K-POP contents, which are broadcasted by domestic and overseas broadcasters and online media. Titled ROLLING, it will play a role of media diplomacy as a global broadcasting company by producing multi-language contents that fans from various countries around the world will be able to enjoy.

With rising group VICTON as its first guest, the show will present its three different segments: two language-themed contents and one dance and visual content.

Among this is the corner titled “Transonglation” where they will sing portions of their hit songs in Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Dutch, Thai, and Vietnamese. Once the mission is declared a success, food from the respective countries will be given as a prize to the guests. For their episode, the filming site became full of laughter due to VICTON’s adorable attempt in the foreign language challenge.


Another segment includes “Call me by your language” where the idols will respond to messages in various native languages. This provides the opportunity to converse with fans without the use of Korean and English only. More than 1,000 messages from Indonesian fans were received via Twitter before the shooting, showing the international popularity of VICTON internationally.

Lastly, the segment “Prop Room Dance” will show content that maximizes “viewing fun” with K-Pop artists and fans, regardless of country or language, using “music, performance and artists’ visuals” which are the easiest to communicate with.

The contents of ROLLING will be available on the channel’s official YouTube and Twitter accounts. After VICTON, the channel’s next guest will be Golden Child, and the anticipation is up for which other K-Pop groups will come over for the next episodes.

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