Wonho Delights With His Dazzling “Ain’t About You (Feat. Kiiara)” Music Video

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The wait is finally over Wenee, Wonho has dropped his music video for “Ain’t About You (feat. Kiiara)” and it is simply marvelous!

Wonho is back and with a beguiling new music video featuring the talented American singer-songwriter Kiiara. The singer released a captivating clip for his track “Ain’t About You”. The song is part of the soloist’s first comeback album Part 2. Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us. 

Right off the bat, the video amazes with its sleek aesthetics that complement both artists’ classy styles. Wonho spellbinds with his magnetic demeanor as he looks like the ultimate superstar. Whether he is seen showing off his groovy moves or driving around the city, the multifaceted vocalist allures through each still with his uber-cool looks. 

Amplifying the glam quotient of the music video is the charming songstress Kiiara. She dazzles in her radiant gown as she slays in her casual sweatshirt and sneakers look.


The clip channels the innate message of the track in a very striking manner. Various scenes such as a perturbed-looking Wonho avoiding Kiiara’s calls and the latter showcasing equally troubled emotions imply the narrative to be an on again off again kind of relationship that ultimately leads to heartbreak. 

The music video is a visual and a musical treat indeed. The track is positively one of the standout tracks from Wonho’s comeback album. The two vocalists’ back and forth paired with the song’s overall cheeky lyricism certainly makes it a track that will break the repeat button on listeners’ playlists. 

Wonho Aint_About_You

Moreover, “Ain’t About You” sees Wonho highlighting his refined vocals especially when he sings along with Kiiara. The harmonization of their dulcet tunes, backed by a bass-heavy pop beat is nothing short of being dreamy. 

Meanwhile, listen to and add Wonho’s collaboration track with Kiiara titled “Ain’t About You” here:

Images | Video Credits To: Highline Entertainment