On Hellokpop Playlist: Wonho Impresses With His Heartwarming “Blue Letter”

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On the playlist right now is a striking Blue Letter by Wonho that is surely going to take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride! 

Wonho is back with what can only be described as a musical treat. The loveable idol made his much awaited comeback this week with the release of his 2nd mini album.


Aptly titled Blue Letter, the release sees the soloist pen down his sincere emotions in a profound way through each of the tunes. 

Moreover, the album also puts the spotlight on Wonho’s brightest moments through a deeper color of music. The star dazzles as he dabbles into different sound styles including dance-pop, R&B and softer notes, to relay his story in an aesthetic and authentic way. 

A Love Letter From Wonho 

Though this latest offering from Wonho differs from his previous releases, one thing that remains the same is the essence of love, which is reflective in the tracks on his Blue Letter

Through the seven songs on the 2nd mini-album, the vocalist redefines versatility while he elucidates his heartfelt feelings with utter delicacy. 


Intro : Seasons and Patterns

This intro is the perfect definition of complete tranquility. The soft synth and lilting piano based piece channels the idea of the blue waves of water to the flow of time. 

The track beautifully brings out this analogy with its smooth flow. Moreover, it serves as an exemplary introduction to the overall mood of Wonho’s Blue Letter.  

Blue | Blue (English Ver.)

Wonho invites listeners to feel the Blue in his vibrant lead track. The soloist brings forth a bright energy akin to a ray of sunshine with his uber cool musical style. 

The singer conveys a cheery and hopeful message of turning his dreams to reality and marching ahead without any worries.


Singing, “Let me show you the way to my dreams | You’re getting close |Take my hand, let me know when you’re ready | It’s all in the blue”, Wonho spellbinds with his soft notes that layer marvelously against the peppy dance-pop melody.

Moreover, the track also puts emphasis on an intriguing duality of the representation of blue. While the adage of “feeling blue” is an indication of one feeling low, Wonho wants to convey a contrasting meaning to the same, to feeling loved. 

All in all, Wonho will definitely be chasing everyone’s blues away with this exuberant track.

No Text No Call

This track is one of Wonho’s personal favorites on this list, and one can definitely see why. “No Text No Call” is quite R&B in its style, aside from the feature of a prominent acoustic guitar rhythm. 

The artist allures and there’s no question about that. The song carries a sense of warmth despite its doleful message.

Wonho’s vocals have an airy quality that amplifies the track’s universal wistful tenor as he sings of a relationship gone awry after losing a loved one unexpectedly. 


Come Over Tonight

Love is certainly in the air with this one! Wonho spotlights that he can make listeners sway with his princely charms and honeyed tunes. 

The R&B heavy “Come Over Tonight” keeps Wonho’s low and breathy harmonies as the focal point through its length.

The track indisputably sparks a romantic vibe albeit with a sultry feel as the handsome soloist makes his bold, falsetto-laden declarations of love with such passion and poise. 


Wonho is all heart in this synth-heavy number. The track carries with it quite a youthful charm as it unravels a soothing essence at its core. 

Through verses like, “Anywhere you go | I’m always here | Living in your dreams 24/7 | So that you can fall asleep in my arms | I’m here for you 24/7”, the stunning soloist captures with his candid style while serenading listeners with his mellifluent melodies. 

While the album as a whole serves as a letter to his fans, Wonho underlines the idea especially with “24/7”. Through the song, he seemingly expresses to them that whether they’re happy or sad, he wants them to know that he’s always with them, by their side.  



“How can a song tug at my heartstrings yet comfort me all at one?” – is pretty close to how every Wenee will be feeling as they listen to this soulful track by Wonho.  There is a certain timeless quality about “Stranger” that cannot be explicated in words. 

The track sees the singer open up his honest emotions. He puts more prominence on his feelings of loneliness as he hopes for a sense of solace to come to him, singing, “Days without you are long | I tossed and turned again and fell asleep | I want to sleep comfortably now”.

The song’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The way Wonho’s vocals sound against the acoustic guitar melody is nothing short of being sublime. His mellow harmonies mirror a sentiment of vulnerability in a tranquil mode. 

Feel The Blue With Wonho 

Make way for the ultimate fashion king, as Wonho floors with his flamboyant looks through each of the frames of his vibrant music video!

The dashing singer takes breaths away as he channels a more free-spirited and effervescent vibe. Wonho shines like the “sun over the ocean”, while expressing that even the dullest days in life can be turned into the brightest moments through imagination.

Delivering a picture-perfect performance, this heartthrob showcases that he is an all-rounder in every sense of the word. All in all, Wonho proves his limitless talents and evolution as a musician spotlighting that he isn’t just the king of Wenee’s hearts but of the K-Pop scene as well. 

Listen to and add the swoon-worthy Blue Letter by Wonho: 

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