Wonho Reveals A Striking Comeback Scheduler For His Upcoming Album

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Wonho is on his way to gift fans one exciting reveal after another leading to the release of his exciting comeback album!

February is the month of love, which sure enough, is going to get lovelier as Wonho will be unveiling his highly anticipated comeback album this month. Adding to the expectations of fans, the endearing artist took to his official SNS and revealed an uber-cool scheduler poster for his mini-album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right for Us


The teasers thus far, certainly pique curiosities for what synonym of love the singer will be unraveling in the new album. Featuring a beguiling blue-toned idyllic silhouette of blooming white flowers, the schedule poster lists the dates of when Wonho will be delighting fans with some stunning sneak peeks steering to the release of his first comeback album. 

According to the poster, aside from the already unveiled coming soon teaser image and this scheduler, the vocalist will be taking breaths away on February 7 when he will drop a dynamic track list. 

Wonho will then be setting hearts aflutter all over the world with his regal charms as he will be showcasing his ravishing charisma through three tantalizing sets of concept photos. The concept photos, highlighting the sweet soloist’s gorgeous visuals, will be released on February 10, February 14, and 15 respectively. 


Next, the all-round artist will be presenting what can only be described as a treat for the eyes and ears. Mesmerizing with his princely elegance, Wonho will release a music video teaser on February 21. What will follow the unveil, is a heartwarming album preview set for February 23. 

Finally, Wonho will leave fans wonderstruck with his mellifluous euphonies on his first comeback album. The “Open Mind” singer will be releasing his alluring mini-album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right for Us on various music sources on February 26. 

Images Credits: Highline Entertainment