Woosung To Return With Self-Produced “MOTH” EP

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Magnetic soloist, Woosung, will make his comeback with a new self-written and produced EP called MOTH.

Multi-talented artist, Woosung, will make an anticipated return on May 13 with a new EP titled MOTH via Transparent Arts. The project will include four all-English tracks encapsulating the theme MOTH. Woosung’s wide range of talents and musicality will be at the forefront of the project, as the EP was written and produced by the artist himself.


The EP will treat fans to Woosung’s lyrical brilliance; its introduction provides a teaser for the lush tracks to come.

“While a butterfly is perceived as a beautiful and touchable creature in the daylight, a moth is nocturnal and often colorless, translucent, and drawn to the light. Taking a closer look, these dull, unpopular moths can be just as pleasing to the eye, when the light shines through them as they fly through the night.

MOTH symbolizes the transformation, change, rebirth, and power of regeneration. MOTH takes the path of the unpopular, the unchosen, the not-so-beautiful ones and takes the listener into a world where the butterflies and moths can be seen side by side.”

Regarding his upcoming work, Woosung explained, “This album is for the people that show their true beauty when the light shines on them.”


Woosung: A Dynamic All-Rounder

Since debuting as the frontman in the rock indie band, The Rose, Woosung soon emerged as a soloist. In 2019, he delivered his first EP, Wolf, which earned nearly 20 million views on YouTube. Moreover, the artist also lent his voice to the OST for the critically acclaimed Netflix drama, Itaewon Class.

The artist continually captivates fans globally with his unique vocal color, which intrigues listeners with its natural rasp and grit.

He is currently opening the North American shows on the tour of the legendary hip-hop group, Epik High.

Fans are eagerly awaiting his next project to come along for the artist’s next musical journey. Meanwhile, Woosung will make his return with MOTH on May 13.

PR Source: Platform Public Relations

Image Source: Transparent Arts | Instagram