Taeyeon To Girls’ Generation Members: “They Are My Lifetime Friends”

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Taeyeon takes the internet by storm with her enthralling photoshoot with High Cut Magazine.

This month, Taeyeon is breathing color into the pages of High Cut Magazine’s latest issue! The singer will be gracing the magazine’s 247th volume with her effortless charm and stunning beauty.

The singer is sporting a wide range of colors for her photo shoot. From calming peach shades to dark pinks and striking reds, Taeyeon charms the camera with her naturally stunning and versatile visuals.

On her friendship with SNSD members

In the subsequent interview, Taeyeon shared how she and the rest of Girls’ Generation spent the month of August. “August is a celebratory month for Girls’ Generation,” the singer explains.

“Everybody’s talked about what they’ll be doing in late July because we’re celebrating a member’s birthday and it’s our debut month.” The singer also shared how the group spent August by eating their favorite food together.

Taeyeon also relayed how she felt about her fellow Girls’ Generation members. “The members have always felt like my lifetime friends,” she remarks. “There are times where we get tired of work, but it’s during those times that we become each other’s comfort.”

The singer also revealed how proud she is to see each member succeeding in their solo careers. “I am so proud to see everyone doing well,” she adds. “I recently watched YoonA run hard in the movie EXIT. I felt bad but also happy because I knew YoonA was doing her best. I’m sure everyone else feels the same way.”

When asked about the differences since her debut to the Taeyeon she is today, the singer shared how she’s gained more confidence in being herself. “Before I used to have a problem with liking how I looked,” she admitted. “Now, I’m trying to show my colors as they are. I’m going to be doing that a lot more this time, since there are so many new opportunities for me.”

Source: Star News

Image Source: High Cut Magazine