K-Pop Playlist: 15 Songs For Your Lonely Afternoon Drive

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Driving alone in the afternoons may feel lonely. But these songs will accompany you through.

Dean - K-Pop Playlist

Be it going home from work or stuck in the traffic, afternoon drives alone may not be everyone’s favorite. We get it. Luckily, there are always some good K-pop songs out there that can be there to accompany you.

Here is a playlist of 15 songs that we think might accompany your lonely afternoon drives, like how they do for us:

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1. “Bittersweet” – Crush

2. “What 2 Do” – Dean (feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat)

3. “Cigarette” – OFFONOFF (feat. Tablo & MISO)

4. “Jenga” – Heize (feat. Gaeko)

5. “Yanghwa Bridge” – Zion.T

6. “Can’t” – G.Soul

7. “Jasmine” – DPR Live

8. “Sorry” – The Rose

9. “Take Me” – MISO

10. “Dance” – OFFONOFF

11. “Instagram” – Dean

12. “Sorry” – Heize

13. “Cave Me In” – Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam

14. “Untitled, 2014” – G-DRAGON

15. “You” – G.Soul


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