4 New Korean Dramas In April 2018 With Park Hyung Sik, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Jang Hyuk & Others!

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We get a mixture of prominent and reliable actors in next lineup as we greet spring with April 2018 Korean dramas.

Four varied stories highlight next month’s new batch of K-dramas, treading on legal, romance, and melodrama genres. Hints of fantasy and mystery will also be incorporated in the chronicles.

With the current exciting K-dramas airing, these new additions are expected to shake up the ratings game and enthuse drama followers even more.

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April 2018 Korean Dramas

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1. The Miracle We Met

The Miracle We Met

A roster of popular veteran actors stars in this new KBS drama. The fantasy-melodrama will tell the story of a fortunate banker (Kim Myung Min), who has been living a detached life with his family because of his career ambitions. He has slowly estranged himself to his children, causing an unhappy marriage with his wife (Kim Hyun Joo). In a magical mishap, the banker wakes up to a different life as a husband of Chinese restaurant owner (Ra Mi Ran), who lost her husband in an accident.

This KBS drama is creating a buzz since it will be a reunion drama for the writer-PD tandem of last year’s hit romantic-comedy Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Based on their creative portfolios, viewers can expect to be gifted with wacky scenarios, plus touches of genuine life lessons that will leave lasting and addictive impressions.

The Miracle We Met is slated for Monday-Tuesday slot of KBS starting April 2.

2. Greasy Melo

Greasy Melo

A star-powered ensemble is set for SBS’ Greasy Melo with actors Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Junho on-board to bring life to this new romantic comedy. The new drama whirls the story of a star chef who reaches rock bottom, leading him to work in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.

The eat-pray-love concept is something which actor Jang Hyuk looks forward to. He will suit up the role of a gangster moneylender who runs the Chinese restaurant. Lee Jun Ho, who recently wrapped up the melodrama Just Between Lovers, appears to be taking the central character of a once popular chef.

Writer Seo (Jealousy Incarnate, Miss Korea, Pasta) will pen the new drama, with PD Park of Suspicious Partner directing the series.

Jung Ryeo Won, amazing in her last drama Witch’s Court, is set to play the role of an heiress who loves fencing and horseback riding. She also loves jajangmyun on the side which leads her connection to the characters of the story.

Greasy Melo is set for broadcast on April 16 for Monday-Tuesday slot of SBS.

April 2018 Korean Dramas Greasy Melo Cast

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3. Suits

Adapted from the US TV series of the same title, Suits takes the plot of following the lives of hotshot lawyers and the various legal cases they work on.

Jang Dong Gun, who returns to the small screen after six years since acclaimed romantic comedy A Gentleman’s Dignity, is set to play the role of charismatic and posh attorney from the best South Korean law firm.

Park Hyung Sik is set to exude sharpness and enigma as a fake lawyer with photographic memory. The actor, who starred from last year’s sleeper rom-com Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, successfully switched his idol following to a wider range after appearing on many well-received dramas.

Suits will take the mid-week slot of KBS beginning April 25.

4. Mistress


The last offering of April 2018 Korean dramas features cryptic and enticing plot courtesy of OCN’s trademark.

It’s been almost six years since Han Ga In’s last TV project. The heroine of acclaimed period romance drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun will challenge herself in OCN’s mystery sensual thriller, which threads on twisted relationships of four women and the men who are involved with them. This new project is already creating much buzz because of its intriguing plot – one that is about four women who will be involved in a series of murder.

PD Han Ji Seung of acclaimed melodrama Alone in Love will orchestrate the production, with actors Choi Hee Seo, Shin Hyun Bin and Goo Jae Yi rounding up the female dominated cast.

Mistress will be OCN’s weekend drama starting April 28.

Han Ga In

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