Top 10 Korean Phrases You Need To Know For Visiting Korea

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Thinking of visiting Korea? Or maybe you want to start learning some Korean to better understand K-pop lyrics? We cover a list of the most useful Korean phrases that you’ll need to know for visiting Korea.

The great news about learning these phrases is that not only will you be able to use them with Koreans, but they’ll also be helpful for learning Korean in general.

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Once you know some basic phrases, you may start to hear some of these familiar words in your favorite K-pop songs. This type of recognition is great because it helps you to understand K-pop songs better and the songs will in turn help you to remember the phrases. A double win!

Let’s cover the top 10 Korean phrases that you’ll need to know for visiting Korea.


1. 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)


Meaning: “Hello”

This is the standard greeting in Korean for “hello”. You can also use it for “good morning”. The informal version is 안녕 (annyeong), but you should only use it with people who are close to you.


2. 얼마예요? (eolmayeyo?)


Meaning: “How much is it?”

This is a great phrase to use at markets and shops. Point to your favorite fruit or a shirt you want to buy and ask “얼마예요?”


3. 화장실 어디에 있어요? (hwajangsil eodie isseoyo?)


Meaning: “Where is the bathroom?”

This is a must for restaurants since the bathroom area isn’t always obvious. Practice until you have this one memorized!


4. 몇시에 문 닫아요? (myutsie mun dadayo?)


Meaning: “What time do you close?”

This is a great question to ask when you need to find out what time your favorite store closes.


5. 카드 돼요? (gadeu dweyo?)

woman doing shopping in a grocery store and paying by credit card ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Meaning: “Do you accept credit cards?”

Korea is one of the highest credit card usage countries in the world. There are few places you can’t use a credit card though, so better to ask first!


6. 저기요 (jeogiyo)


Meaning: “Excuse me” (to get someone’s attention)

You can say this to get the attention.


7. ______ 있어요? (______ isseoyo?)


Meaning: “Do you have______?”

If you’re in a department store and can’t find what you’re looking for, use “______ 있어요?”. Use Naver’s Korean dictionary ( to find the Korean translation for the word you’re looking for.


8. ______ 주세요 (______ juseyo)

Asian woman looking the menu in a restaurant.

Meaning: “Please give me______”

This is a useful phrase for ordering at restaurants, buying a bus ticket, or getting medicine at the pharmacy.


9. 고맙습니다 (gomapseumnida)


Meaning: “Thank you”

Show good manners and make sure to thank the people you interact with. You’ll get more smiles and make a great impression wherever you go!


10. 잠시만요 (jamsimanyo)


Meaning: “Just a minute”

Korea is fast-paced, so you may need a minute to organize your thoughts our get something from your bag. Use 잠시만요 to say “just a minute”

Now that you know these 10 Korean phrases for visiting Korea, you can pack your bags with confidence. Or better still, use this as your starting point to learn more of the language and begin your journey to become a fluent speaker!


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