Apink’s Bomi And MAMAMOO’s Solar Selected As Ambassadors For “2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards”

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This July, Bomi and Solar are teaming up to build up hype for the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards!

Apink’s Bomi and MAMAMOO’s Solar have been appointed as ambassadors for the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards. Happening in August, the two have been selected for their ability to convey the music show’s concept well.

(images via Play M Entertainment and RBW Entertainment)

As ambassadors, the pair will be promoting the music show through their personal YouTube channels. Aside from their personal content, fans can look forward to seeing the pair promote the awards show through unique contents in the days to come.

On July 22, 6PM KST, Solar will be sharing additional details and information about the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards on Solarsido, which launched earlier this year.


(image via RBW Entertainment)

The following day, Bomi will be holding a live broadcast to talk about the music awards show at 7PM KST. She will be broadcasting on Bbom-Bbom-Bbom, the YouTube channel she launched in 2018.

(image via Play M Entertainment)

The 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards is a ceremony that honors the best and brightest talents in the K-Pop industry. Moreover, winners of the awards show will be selected through online voting, which is currently underway on Genie Music and Mwave.

Set to happen on August 1, the ceremony will be held at the KSPO Dome (Olympic Gymnastics Arena). Additionally, livestreams of the event will be available via Genie Music and Mnet‘s mobile applications and channels.


(image via Genie Music)

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