Chung Ha, Ha Sung Woon, INFINITE’s Sung Jong And Woo Hyun, And More Lend Voices To Audio Books

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Chung Ha, Ha Sung Woon, and more K-Pop idols gather to lend their beautiful voices to a special cause!

EBS’ newest audio book project Idol Books has named the artists who gladly participated in its meaningful mission of helping underprivileged youth!

Making a heartwarming use of their beautiful voices, several K-Pop idols have teamed up with EBS in releasing new audio books. The project aims to comfort fans with the various stories they will read aloud.

Among those who participated in the project are Produce 101 alumni Chung Ha from season one and Ha Sung Woon from season two. Both finished as finalists and debuted in the show’s final project group.

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Weki Meki members Ji Su Yeon, Choi Yoo Jung, and Kim Do Yeon are also taking part in the heartwarming project.

Lastly, INFINITE’s Sung Jong and Woo Hyun were also revealed to have participated in making EBS’ “Idol Books”.

Chung Ha, Ha Sung Wook

The books read by the idols for EBS will be distributed through its official partner, Genie Music, soon. Part of its proceeds will be donated to the foundation of youth, especially in rural areas, under the name of the idols themselves.

“With the gift of talent from the most popular idol singers, contemporary literary works have been re-created as charming audio contents,” Genie Music shared.

“We will create a book culture through this project and give needed help to underprivileged youths,” the company added.

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