ASTRO Full Bloom In Teaser Pictures For 1st Full Album

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ASTRO harnesses the beauty of nature to pair with their new music to be released on January 16.

ASTRO looks ready to own the first quarter of 2019 as they will soon release their first full album since their debut. Their comeback schedule, ASTRO’s Gardening, began on January 3 when they released the green version of their teaser pictures.

The green version, aptly called Sowing, displays the members and their likeness to the beauty of nature as they pose with beautiful flowers. ASTRO ASTRO ASTRO

On January 5, ASTRO released the white version of their teaser photos. Blooming displays the members glowing supernaturally with a white light. They seem to look like a blessing from the mother nature as they pose for the camera.ASTRO ASTRO ASTRO

Coming up next will be two concept films to be released on January 8 and 9, respectively. The highlight medley, labeled Music for the Plant, will be released on January 10. Their Blooms at Night music video teaser poster and film will be released on the 13th and the 15th. Finally on January 16, fans can listen to ASTRO’s 1st full album, All Light.

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