ATEEZ Demonstrates Bright And Refreshing Vibes In Latest Teasers For “ZERO: FEVER Part 2” Comeback

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The members of ATEEZ continue to steal fans’ hearts as they unveil the first set of individual teasers for their upcoming comeback with ZERO: FEVER Part 2!

ATEEZ sets the online world on fire again by releasing the a new set of previews for their upcoming comeback with ZERO: FEVER Part 2.


Starring in distinct spring-themed settings, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang and San effortlessly stunned the audience with their beguiling individual photos released starting on February 10.

Scheduled to return after seven months, ATEEZ also garnered attention as they full embody their spring-themed concept.

While donning eye-catching suits and trendy accessories, the group portrayed a mature yet cool image while giving a glimpse on the story behind their comeback.


Parading their enticing appeals, the boys also displayed their chic sides, while posing mundanely and exhibiting spellbinding gazes.

The members’ attractive facial expressions and charismatic auras in the photos scream nothing but overflowing confidence and sophistication.

Additionally, ATTEZ also instantly entranced their lovely ATINYs with their jaw-dropping profiles and ethereal physiques.

Their magnificent projecting skills and stunning styling also added up to the rising anticipation regarding their upcoming music release.

Aside from these amazing contents, fans can definitely look forward to more concept photos, music video and such being released in the following days.


Immensely known for their fierce and strong image, ATEEZ will now take spectators into a different dimension with ZERO: FEVER Part 2.

This comeback will mark the boy group’s official return since they released their fifth EP ZERO: FEVER Part 1 and its lead singles “Inception” and “THANXX.”

Moreover, the album will also serve as the second installment in the “FEVER” series, which reflects the boys’ sincere hearts and feverish youth.

With its addicting melody, “Inception” and “THANXX” entered Billboard’s U.S. World Digital Songs Charts. Meanwhile, their fifth mini-album also topped Gaon’s Album Charts, becoming ATEEZ’s third number one release in South Korea.

Proving their massive worldwide influence, ATEEZ also garnered two consecutive wins on major music shows such as The Show and Show Champion.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will release its sixth EP ZERO: FEVER Part 2 on March 1 at 6 PM KST.

Source: ATEEZ’s Official Twitter Account

Photos from KQ Entertainment