ATEEZ Yunho Discusses His Upcoming Acting Debut In KBS’s “Imitation”

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ATEEZ’s Yunho discusses the thrill of his acting debut, his affection for his role, and the great atmosphere on set ahead of the premiere for Imitation.

ATEEZ’s Yunho will make his acting debut in KBS’s webtoon adaptation drama, Imitation. The drama will premiere on May 7, and explores the worldview of those aspiring to become idols. Yunho will reveal “refreshing beauty”, unveiling new charms to fans during the series.


Yunho will portray the character named Yujin, the center of a four-member boy group called “Sparkling”. Despite his soft appearance, Yujin is a character with tenacity and strong dedication, often overlooked due to his gentle charisma. As such, the character’s duality between his endearing boyish charm and stronger masculinity is anticipated to stir the hearts’ of viewers.

In regards to his acting debut, Yunho stated, “I feel new to greet you as an actor like this. It is an honor to be able to join the first acting challenge with a good drama, Imitation. I’d like to say thank you to all the producers, including the directors and writers, for giving me this opportunity. I was able to learn a lot of things while being together for half a year, and I think it will be an experience that I will never forget because I have had pleasant memories.”

Additionally, the artist expressed his excitement for his first acting role. He explained, “As it was my first acting challenge, I practiced while paying attention to pronunciation and facial expressions.”

On Embodying Yujin

Yunho raised fans’ excitement to meet Yujin in the drama, warmly speaking about his role. He said, “He’s endlessly warm and soft on the outside, but persistently challenges himself for his dream and team”.

The idol saw a lot of similarities between himself and his character. He explained, “The similarity rate that I think of myself is about 80 percent. My family and ATEEZ members also told me that Yujin is a lot like me. I’m curious about what similarity score viewers who watch the broadcast will think.”

Furthermore, Yunho teased fans with hints about Yujin’s group, Sparkling. He stated, “Sparkling is a refreshing team, just like its name. If ATEEZ showed a lot of intense and powerful sides, in Imitation, we tried to show refreshing beauty as much as possible.”

The idol also discussed his chemistry with fellow lead actors Jung Jiso and Lee Junyoung. He said, “I am the same age as Jiso. So, the more I filmed the awkwardness disappeared quickly and it seems that the chemistry between the characters was better. As a result, I think we naturally took on the role of the mood makers on set.”

Elaborating on the friendly filming site, he spoke fondly of Junyoung, “I’m a rival to Junyoung in the drama, but off-camera, he gave me a lot of advice on acting, and there were a lot of things I was grateful for.”

Yunho had a positive experience working with industry seniors, “Because all of the seniors are highly experienced in acting, I was very grateful for watching the monitoring on the spot and given a lot of advice, from the camera location to eye contact. Thanks to them, I finished with more energy”.

He added sincerely, “They took care of me so well that I thought ‘I should do this for my juniors later'”.

What Fans Should Look Out For

The artist raised curiosity for the drama, choosing a driving scene as the most interesting. He explained, “I remember the first time I filmed a driving scene. At first, I was worried that it would be difficult to focus on acting and driving at the same time. But when I went to the shooting, I was very proud of myself because it turned out well.”

However, there was some difficulty, “On the other hand, it was a little difficult to memorize and match perfectly with the other person because you have to proceed safely when filming action scenes”.

Many eagerly anticipate his performance as Yujin, as the idol expressed his ambition regarding his performance. Yunho stated, “I want to show fans a new charm that ‘Yunho also has this side’, and to those who will see me for the first time, I would be most happy and proud if it became an opportunity to inform them of my name and ATEEZ.”

Warmly, he greeted fans stating, “If you send a lot of support and praise, it will be a great help.”

Furthermore, he said, “I’ve been working hard with so many people for half a year to meet the viewers who are waiting for Imitation. I want to tell you Yujin’s story as soon as possible. I’ll see you with a drama full of fun and emotion, so please look forward to it, and I’ll always try hard and continue to improve. Thank you.”

Fans can watch Yunho’s acting debut on May 7 at 11:20 PM KST on KBS during Imitation.

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Image and Video Source: KBS | Kakao Page

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