Brand New Boys Announce Scheduled Debut In May Through V Live Broadcast

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Welcome to the music industry, Brand New Boys!

Get your hearts ready – Brand New Boys has announced that they will be making their much-anticipated debut this May!


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The powerful four-member team-up composed of Lim Young Min, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin, and Lee Daehwi held their very first V Live broadcast as a complete group on May 20. There, they revealed many things regarding their upcoming debut.

One of the new pieces of information dropped by the quartet was the schedule for their debut, which will take place in May. In preparation for this, they told fans that they will be opening their official social media accounts by the end of March.

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During the broadcast, they also unanimously revealed that rapper Young Min has become Brand New Boys’ leader.

The four boys joined Produce 101 Season 2 together as representatives of their agency Brand New Music. Right from their audition piece, an original track they made themselves titled “Welcome to Hollywood”, the four had caught the eyes of many K-Pop fans thanks to their chemistry as a group.

While Woo Jin and Daehwi ended up on the show’s top eleven contenders and debuted with the project group Wanna One, Young Min and Dong Hyun made their appearance in the music industry as the duo MXM. Now finally joining forces together, the group told fans that they are aiming to grab the Rookie of the Year award following their debut.

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