“Jirisan” Climbs A New Summit With New OST “Yours” By BTS’ Jin

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Jirisan climbs a new summit with “Yours” by BTS’ Jin taking center stage as the official soundtrack of the mysteriously enthralling K-drama.

When you combine the enigmatic mountain art of Jirisan with the soul-stirring voice of Kim Seokjin crooning in the background, you’ll have yourself a recipe for cinematic magic. With a stunning music video to boot, enchantment is inevitable.

Born to Sing Ballads

The new soundtrack officially marks Jin’s 2nd K-Drama OST, as the first one was “It’s Gonna Be You” in collaboration with fellow BTS member, V, for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.


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Not so long ago, fans of Jirisan and BTS alike were ecstatic to hear the news that the acclaimed K-drama would be joining forces with Jin. Famous for having ethereal vocals as beautiful as his worldwide handsome face, the 29-year-old singer earned the nickname, “silver voice”. Just like silver, his voice is polished and gleaming with emotional range when he unleashes his prowess as a balladeer; and he has showcased this fact once again with a brand new masterpiece, “Yours”.

From “Awake” and “Epiphany” all the way to “Abyss”, and now “Yours”, Jin’s solo tracks are clearly crafted to bring tears to our eyes and a smile in our hearts. Jirisan’s beautiful OST is driven by lyrics that traverse the corners of loneliness, the confusion of being lost, and the heartbreak of longing for a love that once was. It only took the song a mere 4 hours to top the iTunes charts in 50 countries, making it the fastest solo track in history to hit the milestone.

Soothing enough to be a lullaby yet intense enough to captivate you, this powerful love song isn’t only a soundtrack; it’s an attestation to the notion that Jin was born to sing ballads.

Peak Bravery

Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon among other fantastically talented actors, Jirisan kicked down the door and made a grand entrance. All eyes were focused on TV screens once this highly-anticipated K-Drama began airing, and it certainly did not disappoint!

Jirisan follows the story of rangers who brave the uncharted regions of Mount Jiri, the 2nd tallest mountain in South Korea, in an effort to rescue survivors and lost trekkers. The thrilling action sequences, star-studded cast, brilliant direction by a talented team, and raving fans are more than enough reason to watch mysteries unfold in Jirisan. (It’s also a low-key great opportunity for ARMY to hear Jin singing “Yours” during every episode, but we’re just saying…)

Tune in to tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST or catch it on iQIYI, available for streaming worldwide, Let the dreamy sights and sounds of Jirisan take you to another world.

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