C-Clown’s official fan club name revealed

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Yedang Entertainment has revealed the official name for C-Clown‘s fans. Yedang’s rookie group C-Clown concluded its Solo promotions for its mini album, Not Alone,  two weeks ago. On September 15, Yedang finally unveiled the official fan club name for C-Clown. Prior to that, a fan club name competition was held on the the members’ fan cafe, where fans could suggest any name for the fan club.

C-Clown’s fans is officially called Crown, which the second most popular one among all the choices like,  Joker, Crown, The Royals, Princess, and Cygnus. Crown (크라운) means that the fans are the crown that adorns C-Clown.

Source: News – @tktopkid; Photo – C-Clown

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