CL Dances In The Desert In “Let It” Music Video

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The “Baddest Female” is back and she’s fierier than ever!

Fresh off the success of her latest album, Alpha, CL is back her music video for “Let It”. The gorgeous footage serves as a mixture of laid-back vibes and the majestic beauty of the vast desert, as the rapper sings about self-love.

Let It CL

Image from Instagram @chaelincl

The former 2NE1 leader has built a strong reputation of toughness and sass, making her the nation’s Baddest Female who never misses a beat.

In her new song and music video, CL raps about being true to who you are, how you feel, and to your hopes and dreams.

“Let It” has already amassed 86,321 views, and can be interpreted as an anthem to anyone who needs a word of advice. The profound lyrics remind people that they matter, their spirit matters, their ambitions matter; and that the only things that don’t matter are the haters.

Given her cool and free spirit, there’s no denying that the South Korean superstar looks like an urban breath of fresh air in the middle of the desert. With most of the scenes shot around twilight and nighttime, CL vibed and danced to the rhythm as she lounged by her vintage sports car.

With the desert providing natural beauty, the music video had no need for visual effects whatsoever; a great choice of backdrop for a bop with a deep meaning.

Watch CL’s captivating “Let It” music video here:

Source: CL’s Official YouTube Channel