Watch This Girl Group That Jumped Up Happily For INFINITE’s ‘Music Bank’ Win

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They are so cute.

On 30 September, INFINITE overtook many other groups and artists to win the first place on KBS’s TV show Music Bank.

To watch INFINITE’s performance, go here.

However, the image, which impressed audiences most, was the action of Lovelyz members during the TV show.

As soon as INFINITE was announced to be the winner, the girls burst into happiness. They jumped up and applauded to cheer for the victory of their senior.

The cute reaction of Lovelyz girls has since attracted attention. Many netizens wrote comments to gave them compliments for their cuteness on the TV show.

In addition, the music program also gathered many other idol groups, namely GOT7, APink, Red Velvet, SHINee and G-Friend.

For SHINee’s performance, watch here.

For Gfriend’s performance, watch here.


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