Daily Recap: SM Entertainment 2015 Global Audition; After school’s Lizzy Trot solo; EXO 1st live Album; Leehi to perform at Epik High’s concert

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SM Entertainment released the news about their 2015 worldwide audition. SM Entertainment released a poster about their worldwide audition yesterday revealing auditions will be holding in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Russia and Mongolia next year. SM Entertainment will be looking for talents in vocal, dance, acting, modelling and composing. The audition will start on 9th January in Seoul, Korea.



After School’s Lizzy will be having her solo debut early next year. Sport DongA reported that Lizzy is planning to release her album next year. The album will include trot songs as she reveal early last year saying she is really interested in trot songs and she actually got in After School by singing a trot song.

Lizzy, afterschoool



EXO will be releasing their live solo concert album”EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost World” on 22nd December. EXO’s three-day concert “EXO from EXOPLANET #1 – The lost Planet – in Seoul is included in the album.



Leehi is going to be the guest for Epik High’s Busan Concert. Epik High will be holding their concert on 27th and 28th December at at Sohyang Theater Centum City Lotte card hall.

lee hi and epik high


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