DANITY Sweetly Makes Another Donation On Behalf Of Kang Daniel For Children’s Day

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Continuing their heartwarming donation culture, DANITY delivered delight to children in South Korea on behalf of Kang Daniel.

The Seoul Songpa Regional Self-Support Center Association said on May 5 that DANITY celebrated Children’s Day with a heartwarming donation made on behalf of Kang Daniel.

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According to the organization, fans donated coloring books for creativity and emotional growth to children at local disabled children’s centers and community rehabilitation facilities for the disabled to mark Children’s Day.

Moreover, some of these coloring books will be delivered to children in Daegu, where outdoor activities are currently difficult due to COVID-19, with the help of Daegu Regional Children’s Center Association.

‘”Last year, DANITY donated wrapped flower pots directly to children at local children’s centers. This year on Children’s Day, they gave pretty coloring books which are likely to be a good gift for the children. These days, the number of people donating has decreased a lot compared to previous years, so we’d like to thank Kang Daniel and his fans for voluntarily participating in donations during such a difficult time,” the organization said.

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Kim Sung Ja, a guidance teacher for disabled children, also expressed gratitude to fans for the heartwarming donation.

“Thank you so much for sending interest and love to disabled children,” Kim said, noting that the children will likely express their joy happily with these coloring books.

“The children like Kang Daniel very much. In fact, we listen to Kang Daniel’s songs in low and medium tones because they are good to listen to for disabled children. Kang Daniel and his fans, who always give to others, seem to make their surroundings happy,” the teacher added as well.

“This is my first time working on a coloring book, but I have carefully painted them for children,” said the DANITY fanart artist dankerbot who came up with the coloring books titled “Color On Me” in honour of the singer’s first mini-album.

The coloring books also contained the theme “Happy Kang Daniel”, with an aim to express a journey towards the dream, just like the singer’s, in various colours.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel and his fan club DANITY had been continuously endowing generous donations to a number of social service organizations. This includes Snail of Love, Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation, and Busan Coal Bank.

Source: Herald Pop

Photos from KONNECT Entertainment and Seoul Songpa Regional Self-Support Center Association