DAY6 Drops Short But Astounding Lyric Teasers For “The Book Of Us: The Demon”

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It is not a DAY6 song if it does not hit you with the feels.

DAY6 has released previews of the song lyrics from their new album, The Book of Us: The Demon. 

On May 8 at 12 AM KST, lyric teasers for the eight tracks from the DAY6’s new album were posted on their official SNS channels. Each song expressed pensive sadness which is DAY6’s signature style, further amplifying the curiosity about this comeback.

The lyrics of all the tracks collectively form a series of chapters. When put together in order, they create a storyline that captures a struggling relationship.

DAY6 Lyric

The first track “Like the sun and the moon” talks about the conflicts in the timing of love and translates to “Is something playing around or can you stop it now?”

DAY6 Lyric

Meanwhile, the title song “Zombie” expresses one’s imbalance in emotions and says, “Today, it flows the same way, but how can I endure? Will it be better if I cry loudly?”

DAY6 Lyric

“Tick Tock” draws a narrative on getting tired of love while voicing out apprehensions and questions. “If this conversations ends, will our relationship end too? I am afraid. I am not going to end this,” the teaser says.

DAY6 Lyric

This leads to the track “Love me or Leave me” which contains lyrics about a breakup. “Everything is up to you and I have no choice but to watch. Whether this is going to end or not will be decided by your words,” it says in the teaser.

DAY6 Lyric

Referring to someone who is hurting repeatedly over the same love-related problems, “Quit” screams the candid words, “The meeting was built on the sand from the beginning. From the first day itself, it was wrong and the end had already been warned.”

DAY6 Lyric

Meanwhile, the lyrics to the b-side “1 to 10” says, “I hate it when you say that it will be all right. I will worry with you staying by your side.”

DAY6 Lyric

In addition to this, “Afraid” sings about the fear that a loved one might be unhappy because of oneself. Its lyrics quote, “Sometimes I worry that you might be unhappy because of my greed. You, who used to say the sky is beautiful now only looks at the group. Feels like you are looking at me”.

DAY6 Lyric

Adorning the final page are the lyrics of the English version of the title song “Zombie” which reads, “Today’s a present that I don’t want. So I’m wonderin’ in this world am I really the only one who’s been wantin’ to hide out from the sun and run.”

Since their debut, DAY6 has been participating in writing and composing for every album. Through their emotional and relatable songs, the super-talented band has connected with their listeners

DAY6’s new album The Book of Us: The Demon, which sings for every moment, will be released on May 11 at 6 PM KST.

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