MONSTA X’s I.M And Elhae Return With Riveting Collaboration Track “Need To Know”

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After over a year, MONSTA X’s I.M has teamed up with Elhae once again for another mesmerizing R&B track!

MONSTA X’s I.M and Elhae have released their latest collaboration song titled “Need To Know” on May 8!

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The MONSTA X rapper has featured in the newest single of the American singer-songwriter whom he earlier worked with for his mixtape track “Horizon” in April 2019.

Marking over a year since their first collaboration together which was made possible thanks to the help of Monbebe, the two artists’ riveting new R&B track brought a showcase of their musical chemistry once again.

Complementing Elhae’s lush vocals and the song’s groovy yet soft and soulful rhythm, I.M’s deep, velvety voice made the English single “Need To Know” even more riveting.

“Baby I can love your flaws, It’s not from the wine/ You don’t need to hide, just come and show your smile/ Please don’t kill my vibe, I wanna hold you tight/ We might fight, but we’ll be fine,” he began his verse in the song. The rest of its lyrics conveys an assurance to the special person in one’s life that they are the only one that they need and they will always stay by their side.

Receiving a hot response from fans, the collaboration from the two artists soared to Twitter’s top trends upon its release as well.

Meanwhile, “Need To Know” by Elhae featuring MONSTA X’s I.M is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play Music, and Apple Music.

Meanwhile, I.M is currently preparing to make his comeback with MONSTA X through the mini-album FANTASIA X. Originally scheduled for May 11, its release has been moved to May 26 at 6 PM KST.

Photo from Elhae