DAY6’s Young K Brings Forth A Sincere Sentiment In Guide Video For Solo Mini-Album “Eternal”

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If Young K will sing for eternity, then My Day is ready to support till the end!

DAY6’s Young K draws attention in a guide video for his first solo mini-album Eternal.

At midnight of August 25, JYP Entertainment unveiled an interesting guide video for the first mini-album of DAY6’s bassist, Young K. In particular, Young K presented his sincerity as he introduces the meaning of his album, Eternal.

Featuring the singer-songwriter’s narration, the guide video took global fans to the reason why Young K sings. The narration for Young K’s guide video for his first solo mini-album Eternal are as follows:

I sang. I sang from the day I didn’t exist. I sing even until the day I don’t exist.

At times we were together, but sometimes, I need to stay strong and sing alone.

They are all of me, singing.

For the world to hear my every moment. For all my stories to fill the whole world.

From the day this world didn’t exist, until the day this world doesn’t exist.

I sing. To be eternal.

DAY6 Young K Guide Video Solo Album Eternal

Raising expectations for the forthcoming album’s release, Young K wholeheartedly forwarded his message to the world. As he vows to sing for eternity, even until the day the world doesn’t exist, global fans will once again be granted a masterpiece.

Specifically, the album name Eternal was based on Young K’s real name Kang Young Hyun. The album will add a deeper meaning as it combines his musical history.

Young K debuted with DAY6 in September 2015 and became one of Kpop’s representative bands. DAY6 brought forth genius compositions such as “You Were Pretty,” “Time Of Our Life,” “Shoot Me,” and “Zombie.”

In August 2020, Young K joined members Wonpil and Dowoon as a unit named Day6 (Even of Day). The unit debuted on August 31, 2020 with The Book of Us: Gluon.

Meanwhile, Young K will display his deep and sincere musicality with his first solo mini-album Eternal. The album will be available on various music sites on September 6 at 6:00 PM KST. Furthermore, several contents will be unveiled ahead of the much-anticipated solo debut.

Source: OSEN

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