Eric Nam Reveals His Ideal Type Of Woman In ‘Star1’ Magazine

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Are you curious about what Eric Nam finds attractive in a woman?

Known as a bright singer and an elegant MC, Eric Nam is a multi-talented artist in the music industry. It’s no wonder why he is also the ideal type for many of his female fans.

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@Star1 magazine

The heartthrob recently carried out a photo shoot for @Star1’s October issue. He also had an interview with the magazine, and revealed his ideal type of woman as well.

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@Star1 magazine

During the interview, the singer was asked about the most important element that attracts him the most, in a woman. He replied: “The most important (thing to me) is personality, somebody that fits well with me. In terms of looks, I think I’m attracted to girls with big eyes.”

In addition, Eric also shared that he appreciates the mutual understanding between two people. Therefore, an age gap would not be the matter to him.

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