EXO Ranks Number One With Most Donations Made Under Its Name And Its Members Via K-Pop Star – Idol Ranking App

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Aside from being king of topping charts, EXO also took the throne when it comes to charity works!

EXO was named as the charity angel for the month of January after accumulating 2,994 votes on the K-Pop Star – Idol Ranking application.

The app allows fans to vote for their favorite idol wherein the top male and female groups and individuals will have the opportunity to donate to charity.

For the past 12 consecutive months, EXO topped the rankings, bringing the boy group’s total donations to 29 times with each donation amounting to 500,000 won.


(Retrieved from My Love Idol Actor’s Naver Blog)

As of January 2019, the boy group has donated a cumulative amount of 14.5 million as a group.

Together with the donations made in the name of its members Xiumin (3.5 million won), Sehun (500,000 won), and Baekhyun (500,000 won), the total amount donated under the name of EXO and its members is 21 million won — the highest amount donated.


(Photo from SM Entertainment)

Wanna One follows with 18 million won. The donations of Wanna One is mostly comprised of donations made under the name of Kang Daniel, who once again topped the voting in January, resulting to 34 donations with a total of 17 million won. He is the idol with highest donations made under his name.

Kang Daniel

(Retrieved from My Love Idol Actor’s Naver Blog)

Meanwhile, fellow Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon was named Charity Fairy once, getting the chance to donate 500,000 won. As a group, Wanna One only donated 500,000 won.

Wanna One

(Photo from Wanna One’s Twitter)

BTS came third with 16.5 million won donations from the 30 times the boy group was named Charity Angel and Charity Fairy and the one time members V, Suga, and Jungkook were named Charity Fairy.


(Photo from Dispatch)

TWICE ranked fourth on the list with total donations of 10.5 million won. As a group, the girl group donated 5.5 million won, while donations made under member Tzuyu’s name totaled to 5 million won.

TWICE was once again named the charity angel among girl groups for the month of January. Tzuyu also came first among individual girl group members this month.


(Retrieved from My Love Idol Actor’s Naver Blog)


(Retrieved from My Love Idol Actor’s Naver Blog)

Infinite is fifth in the list thanks to the donations made under the name of leader Kim Sung Gyu which has a total amount of 9.5 million won.

Sung Gyu previously held the record of having the greatest number of donations among boy group members before being dethroned by Kang Daniel.

Kim Sung Gyu

(Photo from Naver x Dispatch)

In total, 93 million won have been donated through K-Pop Star – Idol Ranking. Check out the full list of artists and the corresponding donations made under their name. Note that the list separates group and individual members’ donations.

Charity Angel

(Retrieved from My Love Idol Actor’s Naver Blog)