GOT7’s Jackson Leaves Fans Breathless With Teaser Photo For “Oxygen”

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GOT7’s Jackson made fans forget how to breathe with his latest teaser photo for a new single!

GOT7’s Jackson finally revealed the online cover for his upcoming release titled “Oxygen” on April 9!

Counting down to D-3, the rapper drops a stunning, all-dark-blue online cover photo on his social media accounts before the premiere of “Oxygen” on April 12.

Previously, he announced the single’s release as part of his Team Wang’s projects following the cancellation of the track “Faded”. Through a post on social media, Jackson revealed on March 19 that the previously-announced song will not be released anymore and removed its teasers online consecutively.

In spite of the bad news, the GOT7 member asked his fans to stay tuned instead to “Faded”, which was scheduled to drop in April.

Out of his activities as a member of the K-Pop idol group, Jackson runs his own label Team Wang for his activities in China as its CEO and produces his own music. He had debuted with his own solo single titled “Papillon”, and the English track topped Billboard’s China V Chart upon its release in 2017.

After “Papillon”, he had released two more singles titled “Okay” in November 2017 and “Dawn of Us” in February 2018. With its release this April, “Oxygen” will be his fourth single as a solo artist.

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